Remembering Europe: Bingham 15 – 19 November 2014

holzgrandtour2014 makes its way to the countryside

We left mainland Europe for 2 weeks in England, starting with a stop in one incredible perfect English village. How could we resist a rest break in the English countryside and of course, if you are going to do this sort of stop you have to find yourself a cute village. We found it in Bingham.

From wandering around the village, drinking coffee, reading my book by the fire and just enjoying ourselves. I have to admit its hard to explain just how much we enjoyed Bingham. We watch a lot of English TV so its nice to actually be there.

Where did we stay

This was probably my favourite place that we stayed. A seriously gorgeous old cottage in the middle of a fabulous English village, with a fireplace on a cold night was exactly what we needed. I highly recommend you stay there if you are ever looking for a cottage in England check this one out.

plenty of time on the #holzgrandtour2014 reading in these comfy seats


Not John! One afternoon we were enjoying ourselves drinking in a perfect English pub (The Chesterfield) one Sunday afternoon. There were a few noisy blokes but nothing noteworthy. I got up to go to the bathroom and had to walk through the noisy blokes, when one guy stood in front of me and handed me a jaeger bomb. You can probably guess where the evening went. He got the name “Not John” when he told us his name was John and the bartender responded “his names not John”.

spent a lovely afternoon in this pub


Remembering Europe: Bremen 9 – 11 November 2014


This time last year we were staying with Richard’s German relatives in a little village not far from Bremen. I’ll be honest we were there to see the family and to get a glimpse into some of the childhood stories my husband has shared with me, in particular a memorable Christmas when he was small and saw snow.

Although we went for family can I say that Bremen surprised me. Its a wonderful old city full of history (not just Richard’s) and fairy tales. Like those guys above, the Town Musicians of Bremen who have a bronze statue (be sure to rub the legs for good luck, we did and after that point things went pretty well on the trip). Bremen is a little off the standard tourist path but I am starting to see it appear on lists of must see places in Germany and I certainly agree. Its actually hard to do justice to the place when I got to see it through the eyes of locals but it was so good.

Where did we stay

Well we stayed with family so sorry about that, we have no advice on where to stay. It was really wonderful though, because we were in the country we got to eat a schnitzel at the families local (where there weren’t menu’s in English). We got to go for a walk around the area too with the family dog to really see the countryside. We sat around with family chatting (well ish, some of the family didn’t speak English and I definitely don’t speak German) but we ate some really great food. Such an utter joy and we will be going back


Randomly the highlight was actually realising that my father-in-law once called this place home. For me he grew up in Wollongong, I forget that he was once a kid in a far off land. I also forget sometimes that Richard has a big family because the only people I know are his Dad and his Oma

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