2016 Reading Challenges

agirlwhoreads.com 2016 reading challenge listI love a good reading challenge and there are now so many of them that I thought I would pull a few of them together for us for 2016:

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge is a classic choice and to be honest since there are no rules about what to read its just interesting to have it ticking alongside my other challenges
  • I discovered Popsugars challenge last year and really enjoyed myself; their printable has specific things to read that challenged me to read outside my normal genres which was lots of fun (I print and pop a copy of the list in my planner)
  • Want an excuse to reread a fave book? Then the Reread Challenge is a good excuse
  • Another great list of specific things to read is the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge
  • As an Australian woman I always enjoy the Australian Women Writers challenge
  • Wanna get fancy why not Read the Nobels this year
  • Book Riot is a great site to indulge your book nerd so it makes sense they have a challenge going #readharder

There are heaps more but these are the ones that I am getting into in 2016. How about you, share below

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Hello 2016

hello 2016 from agirlwhoreads.com

2016 is here and I am excited by the prospects it holds for me personally and the blog. I have had a great summer break finishing off some of the unpacking at home and making the most of reading on the new balcony (it is so wonderful).

If you are interested, the photo above is of the view of the Sydney New Years fireworks from near our home. We are so blessed to live near enough to the city that we can see the fireworks (hear them too) without actually having to deal with the city – to welcome in the year with neighbours and friends is a nice way really to celebrate.

Thank you to all of you for hanging around on Mundane Ecstasy, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.


Remembering Europe: the long and the short of it

just some of the fun we had on the #holzgrandtour2014

So that’s it! We come to the end of what for me at least has been quite a pleasurable experience. Reminiscing about what we fondly refer to as #holzgrandtour is a lovely way to pass the time. To recap we made 13 stops, in 56 days, in 10 countries where 7 different languages were spoken to:

I admit that having seen so much of the world I am a huge believer that we should all get out there. See your own country but see the world too. For in seeing the world we each learn one very important thing – that we are all the same, we’re just doing our thing living our lives.

The other day a friend who is headed to Europe for Christmas asked, given what’s been happening, if I would still go. YES! My answer was a resounding yes. I have two reasons for saying that:

  1. the tourist industries are so important to most countries economies by going you are showing your support for the community
  2. terrorist raids have happened in Sydney too, if it was your time to depart planet Earth wouldn’t you rather do that truly living it

I did preface that answer though by saying if you were going to leave your hotel room for fear then you shouldn’t go because a trip to Europe for an Australian is ridiculously expensive its not worth the expense if you aren’t going to enjoy your time.

Hopefully if you are thinking of making the trip to Europe these posts have been helpful. If you ever have questions about the trip then drop me a line, I am happy to have an excuse to talk about the trip and if I can be useful even better.


Remembering Europe: London 18 – 25 November 2014

these gorgeous poppies commenorate 100 years since WW1 #holzgrandtour2014

getting our natural history museum on #holzgrandtour2014

When I was a little girl I remember my Mum telling me about England and how she wanted to visit it. At the ripe old age of 22 I found myself in the city with my mother and it was a dream come true. 10 years later I was back in London, a very different girl from that first trip but once again I fell for this incredible city. (more…)

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