Happy Friday

Sydney Harbour

This week started weirdly and never regrouped. The Sydney Seige, as the media have dubbed it, dominated the week. Let us not forget that this was just one of many terrible news stories this week. There has been so much sad in the world but I was so proud to be Australian when I read about #illridewithyou. It felt like the actions, or rather reactions, of Australians to this event was really important, that what we did on Monday would have far reaching consequences that we couldn’t understand until it was too late. For us to respond with love and friendship, to tell the haters “not in my country” was a proud moment and one that gives me goosebumps just thinking about. I hope now that our politicians will respond with love and friendship too.

Because of the week we’ve had I am even more grateful that we are going to go and see my family tomorrow. I feel like I need to give them all a big hug, and I get a vibe my mother probably needs to give me one too. I was very touched when my family (and friends around the world) touched based to see that I was ok.

Have a lovely, safe weekend. To those who are on holidays enjoy the sunshine. Be safe sweet ones xoxo


Wise Wednesday

After All, Tomorrow is Another Day - Art Print - Gone With the Wind - Motivational Print - Movie Typography Poster - 8 x 10 Wall Art Decor

Gone with the Wind, my all time favourite movie is about to celebrate 75 years since its release, sounds like the perfect excuse to quote them. I love this line, have for years. For me it is a reminder that you have another chance to make things better tomorrow no matter what your situation.

Man I love this movie.


Is your favourite on the list?

top 100 baby names out of the usa

The 2014 top baby name (USA edition) was recently released. I always find the lists fascinating. All bar my very favourite girls name is on this list. Which makes sense, most of these names are classics like Lucy, Isabella, Charlotte and Amelia or Jack, Nathaniel, Sean and Liam. I’ll take Katherine over Katniss.

Are your favourites on here?


Lost time watching YouTube

I randomly found the Vogue channel on YouTube and an hour later I realised I wanted to share what I had found.

Vogue has this fabulous series called “73 questions with …” and its a wonderful, quirky way to interview celebrities. The first one I found with this interview with the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker.

Such an interesting way to find out more about the celebrity but also to see her home. The other one I loved was meeting Reese Witherspoon


Happy Friday

happy friday

Our trusty boots have done a lot of walking, but its time to rest them for the time being!

After eight weeks holiday we are back to the real world this week and its been tough. Holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy each others company, to dream/talk about the future and be reminded how amazing this planet is. But now we are back in the world and it can be hard to hold on to that magic. In an effort to attempt to do that we have no plans this weekend other than hanging out together.

How gorgeous is that video? I have such a crush on Taylor Swift – who else can make insanity look so glamorous. Love it!

Have a great weekend lovelies xop


The Grand Tour: Paris

The Grand Tour: Paris

We are ending the trip with one of my favourite cities. I’ve only been once but if I left my heart in London my soul stayed in Paris. There are no words to describe this city and how contented being here makes me feel. All I can say is that I will do my very best to take photos that don’t include me kissing my husband, sorry it’s the city of love there isn’t much I can do about that.


London Calling

The Grand Tour: London

I believe there is a law somewhere that says Australians doing the big Europe trip must at some point see London. I have been before but Richard never has so this will be fascinating to discover together. I feel in love with the city within a few hours of wandering the streets, I hope Richard will too. Just to reassure our mothers we do have return tickets (but hey you never know what might happen).

Oh and Your Royal Highness I know you haven’t been that well lately but it would be lovely if we were to catch up for tea and scones. Think of all the interesting stories I will have to tell after our trip so far.

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