Three years of marriage anniversary 2015

Three years ago I had the privilege of marrying Richard. Today we are celebrating the occasion by staying in a hotel in the city and being together away from the stuff that makes up life.

Marriage is work … but its not all work! The best part of everyday is seeing Richard. Whether that be when he gets up in the morning (99.9% of the time I am first up) or when he arrives home from work. After nine years when I see Richard’s name in my inbox saying hello I am reminded that I am not alone, that I am part of a team, and I giggle like a school girl who’s crush looks her way.

Never think that Richard and I are perfect – we can be terrible communicators sometimes, we are both stupidly stubborn sometimes, he makes terrible jokes and I can rant sometimes without taking breath – but my goodness are we perfect for each other. No one has ever put up with my rants the way my darling husband does, in fact I think he finds them a tiny bit adorable. If I am honest I kind of find his terrible jokes adorable too.

Happy anniversary my love – here’s to another in a long line of happy years together

Over on A Girl Who Reads to celebrate our anniversary I’m talking book husbands




We all need a fight song

everyone needs a fight song on

This one is pretty literal but its been in my head for a little while now. I’ve lived in Sydney now for 14 years. Those years have thrown a lot of curve balls my way but also a lot of beauty, wonder and things that I am incredibly proud of myself for. I liked this song until the line “its been two years I miss my home” and then I wanted to cry for all the years where being so far away from my loved ones seemed a waste … and then one day it wasn’t, I realised that I was right where I was meant to be I just needed to keep going.

Watch the lyric version and listen up.


Its my birthday

2015 birthday wish

Today is my 34th birthday! For the last few years I have popped in here on my birthday to make a birthday wish so here I am, upholding that tradition.

This year my birthday wish is pretty simple and totally selfish, I wish for great furniture sales.

Random I know but hear me out. We are on track to buy our first home this year and the idea has moving has raised the fact that our furniture is all at least 10 years old. The bed leans; the couch has no padding and the arms have been trashed by Rory; we don’t own a dining table; our book cases don’t match. Essentially what I am saying that along with the grown up action of buying a house comes the grown up idea of actually styling the place we live in rather than just using stuff we had/hand me downs/cheap stuff. Its a great opportunity to clear the decks, organise our belongings and just generally start the next phase of our lives right.

But it’s going to be expensive to do all that so I am hoping this year to have some great furniture sales at the time we go to move.

Gosh you can tell I am mid-thirties when I wish for things like that!


Time out

letter to 16 year old me

This here blog of mine has been a labour of love for some time now but you may have noticed I haven’t been dropping by quite as regularly as I used to. After lots and lots of thinking, and chatting to Richard I’ve decided to take a real time out from this blog. While I love having my own piece of the internet to talk about stuff I have been so busy lately I just haven’t had the time to properly dedicate around here. So rather than create rubbish content for you I am going to step away and hopefully get my mojo back (lets be honest if that does happen it will be after World’s Greatest Shave which is really kicking off, you can donate here if you’d like).

I’m not leaving blogging all together, you can still find me talking about books over on A Girl Who Reads. I would so love for you to hang out on the new site.


Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Another Friday is here, and for Aussies another long weekend. I am quite looking forward to this weekend simply because of how much I enjoyed my time off over the Christmas break. I’m off to look after Charlotte and Poppy which will be lovely but I still have time to hang with friends and chill out. A great weekend mix.

Kids go back to school next week in Australia so to send them off right I have some wisdom for you from Jim Carrey

So have a wonderful weekend my lovelies. Alys xxx


Happy Friday

take a leaf out of Rory's book and find a good place to sit

Work got busy guys. World’s Greatest Shave has really kicked off which is wonderful (the more people who register/donate the more people we can help) but it would be nice to still be in holiday mode like so much of Australia is at this time of year.

After a busy week the correct thing to do would be to chill out (as per Rory’s example above) but we have a few things on so not sure how much we will get to do that. Never the less let us try.

I think I found these guys on social media somewhere and I love the summer vibe of this song. Enjoy! xx


Getting Organised for 2015

my Kate Spade 2015 planner

I am determined that in 2015 I am going to be more organised. To do that I have grabbed myself a very cute Kate Spade planner (how could I resist Gold dots) and have created a master blog planner. The idea with my planner is that I will refine it across the year and then in 2016 make it available to the world. Exciting stuff.

The other thing that I am trying this year is bullet journaling. I have taken the original concept and adapted it for me. For example there is no point using it as a diary because work will always pop appointments into my Outlook calendar so I am just going to stick with that. But it will be great to use as a to-do list, for messages and to write down random moments of inspiration that happen when I am away from the blog.

How are you getting organised in 2015?

PS: Kikki-K has some great ideas for beautifying your planner.


Happy Friday

Sydney Harbour

This week started weirdly and never regrouped. The Sydney Seige, as the media have dubbed it, dominated the week. Let us not forget that this was just one of many terrible news stories this week. There has been so much sad in the world but I was so proud to be Australian when I read about #illridewithyou. It felt like the actions, or rather reactions, of Australians to this event was really important, that what we did on Monday would have far reaching consequences that we couldn’t understand until it was too late. For us to respond with love and friendship, to tell the haters “not in my country” was a proud moment and one that gives me goosebumps just thinking about. I hope now that our politicians will respond with love and friendship too.

Because of the week we’ve had I am even more grateful that we are going to go and see my family tomorrow. I feel like I need to give them all a big hug, and I get a vibe my mother probably needs to give me one too. I was very touched when my family (and friends around the world) touched based to see that I was ok.

Have a lovely, safe weekend. To those who are on holidays enjoy the sunshine. Be safe sweet ones xoxo


Wise Wednesday

After All, Tomorrow is Another Day - Art Print - Gone With the Wind - Motivational Print - Movie Typography Poster - 8 x 10 Wall Art Decor

Gone with the Wind, my all time favourite movie is about to celebrate 75 years since its release, sounds like the perfect excuse to quote them. I love this line, have for years. For me it is a reminder that you have another chance to make things better tomorrow no matter what your situation.

Man I love this movie.

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