Wise Wednesday


Read the words above and then listen to the below.

Baba yetu is a piece composed by Christopher Tin, the lyrics are the Lord’s prayer in Swahili. I often find myself singing this even before I knew what the words meant. A beautiful piece.


Best piece of advice I’ve heard in a while

Little Alys (with sister Ellen)

I will explain

I mentioned on Friday that I was attending the Utopia Women’s Wellness event on Saturday. If you follow my Instagram you know I had a good day but there was one particular moment that has stayed with me. It was part of the talk by the always fabulous Jess Ainscough.

Picture yourself at age 6*. Think about how that little girl deserves to be treated – loved and cuddled, treated with kindness, protect her from those who will lead her to harm, give her opportunities to learn, ensure lots of exercise and sleep, no judgement or harsh words, oh and lots and lots of time to play.

Now remember that this little girl is me (or perhaps a better way to say it is that I am what that little girl became) she is still inside me deserving of all of those things. I guess for me the big difference now is that its not up to Mum and Dad to ensure that I have those things, I must do that for myself. It was this last bit which I realized as I opened my eyes is what made it so powerful for me.

From now on in I am making the conscious choice to treat myself the way Alys age 6 deserves to be treated.

*In the photo I am probably 4 or 5 but its the actual image that came to mind when Jess asked us to do this so seemed appropriate to include here.


Happy Friday

happy friday, weekend brunching

To be honest with you I am starting to feel the overwhelm that comes with taking 8 weeks leave. There is just so much to be done at work (I don’t want to stuff anyone around by being away), at home (sorting things for while away), here on the blog (I’ve been writing away so there is still plenty for you fine people to read) as well as the actual work of planning the trip. Still it is worth all of the grief to be able to go on an adventure like this. To see the world with Richard is my absolutely favourite thing to do.

I was listening to the radio on Monday and had a hard core flashback when The Corrs hit Runaway came on air. Oh I remember that song,  in 1995 when it was released I was 14 and just discovering my own musical style and I thought they were so so cool! Anyway I just had to share it here to send you off to your weekend.

Tomorrow I am headed to Utopia Women’s Wellness in particular to hear two women that I have wanted to hear speak for ages. The fabulously inspirational Jess Ainscough and Melissa Ambrosini, there are other great speakers but these are the two I am most excited about. We also hope on Sunday to get to see our Oma (or more accurately Richard’s German grandmother). Have a lovely weekend, I’m pretty sure I will be having one xxx


Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday with Marie Forleo

I am a huge fan of Marie Forleo so it was inevitable that I would share my favourite piece of advice from Marie. I really believe this. We can figure everything out and it reminds me that I need to just focus until its sorted.


Adventure Awaits

Let's Disappear, You and Me  |  The Fresh Exchange

Click image for source

I mentioned a little while ago a side project that Richard and I were working on, well its finally time to let you in on the secret. We are heading to Europe! We fly out on Sunday 5 October and we return to Aussie shores again on Monday 1 December. This is the longest adventure we’ve ever taken together and we cannot be more excited.

Team Holz goes to Europe

Oh the places we’ll see, every red dot is a place we’ll be visiting on this trip

Richard has done a bit of Germany (my father-in-law still has family there so they went when they were kids) and he’s seen Italy. I have done London and Paris. So there is some shared ground but mostly its new territory, the sort of adventure that we will tell our grandchildren. A lot of the trip has already been organised, for example we’ve booked lots of accommodation through airbnb.com

If you have any tips of things to do in any of the locations on the map let me know in the comments below. Hopefully we’ve allowed enough time in each place to really see it, to wander around and absorb it all.

And what is happening to Rory in our absence, well a friend of mine is moving in with him to keep him company. So burglars you can just change your plans right now, this place is being watched.

I am excited to share this adventure with you all. As we travel we will stay in touch with you here and I am sure when we are home again we will have loads to share with you.


Happy Friday

baby sitting

I am going to be honest and say I am still recovering from babysitting last weekend. It was lovely and the photo above of them sweetly drawing is a treasured memory but it was hard work. Not that I didn’t think it would be it was just harder than I had anticipated. This weekend I plan to spend recovering.

So I am perhaps not done with romantic songs around here for today I share a gorgeous Doris Day piece. A friend of ours had it as their bridal waltz and hearing it in that context I realised the words, so much more poignant than I realised. Now it’s one of my favourite songs.

Here’s to a good one y’all xxx


All the single ladies

all the single ladies

I know that not everyone who reads my blog is in a relationship (long or short term).  Once, years ago I was a happily single lady so I have a few things that I want to say to you my wonderful single ladies:

  1. Enjoy the alone time. Relationships are all about compromise and sometimes I would love to not have to worry about how my decision effects Richard. I love including him but it was so much simpler when it was just me. So for now, while you can make decisions without worrying about others do so. Take that random trip away; spend $200 on a pair of shoes that hurt your feet; rent a one bedroom place somewhere you have always wanted to live. Do the things you want to because these things make you interesting and men are attracted to interesting
  2. Every dodgy date is one date closer to the person that will make you happy. And to be honest you won’t appreciate that person without the other experiences. My appreciation of Richard makes me a better wife so enjoy the dodgy dates and keep the stories for your daughters.
  3. The person you pick is just for you and unless your friends are pointing out that the guy you picked is abusive don’t worry about what they say. Richard isn’t for everyone (fortunately I couldn’t see either of my sisters dating him) and I am not for everyone but we are right for each other and we do not care what others think of that. Interesting I think sometimes that lack of caring of what others think makes us appear to be a healthy couple.
  4. Um, you should be living a life that fulfills you no matter what your relationship status. No partner will ever complete you (no matter what Tom Cruise says), only you complete you so live a life that fulfills you and if you find the right person for you then you will come together
  5. There is absolutely no reason what so ever that you need to be in a relationship with anyone but yourself. Most likely anyone who says otherwise has a product to sell you or is jealous. Yes jealous, for you see anyone living a life of their own will make others envious and uncomfortable but do you want people in your lives who are like that? Really that is such a selfish way to behave and you deserve better than that.

So single ladies I want to be one of the many (though perhaps quiet) voices that reminds you that your life choices are just that your choices, no one else’s. Go ahead and enjoy your life, right now in this moment because this moment is all that is guaranteed in this life. And if one day you find that magic person that you want to include in your life I hope you treasure the memory of this time as a single lady.


Happy Friday

Holz anniversary 2014

Another week done, how can that be. It started well celebrating our second anniversary at a local restaurant (which also happened to be the place we got together). The picture above is the tiramisu that we had for dinner, it was amazing! I am spending the weekend babysitting my nieces Charlotte and Poppy. Right now just trying not to freak out about being in charge – luckily as the aunt I can give them loads of sugar and have them up all night and then get to drive back to Sydney Sunday (mwahaha that was meant to be an evil laugh)

In honour of our anniversary I of course have a love song to send you on your way. This one is for the royal watcher in me as its from a concert for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden on the occasion of their marriage in 2010. As the performers on stage sing Elvis the camera pans around and you see Kings, Queens, Crown Princes and Crown Princesses sing along and hold their spouses hands. Its a lovely moment. For those who don’t speak Swedish feel free to stop watching at the 2:50 mark.

Happy Friday! xx


Wise Wednesday

Fawn Weaver, Happy Wives Club

 There is so much advice out there for planning a wedding but there is less about the actual marriage part. To my surprise I found a lot of things talking about how hard it was to be married, little about how wonderful it was. Since we all like to see our own realities reflected in the media we consume I went looking for positive representations of marriage online. Somehow in my looking I came across Happy Wives Club. It is a lovely space to think/talk about your happy marriage without feeling like you are bragging (or is that just me?)

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